Amitis New World Ltd., is a UK based company, the international patent owner of one of world's most innovative Platelet-Rich Plasma preparation device.

We supply, sale, market, and distribute the next-generation PRP Preparation Medical Device: APGFpro®

APGFpro® is the most revolutionary PRP Preparation Device that offers extraordinary concentration of healthy platelets, with treatment-specific adequate volumes.

As we are looking to build a strong presence in the United Kingdom and European Union, AMITIS NEW WORLD LTD. is signing distribution agreements with financially-strong Medical Device Distribution Companies in the region Our goal is to provide our partners with the market share and influence necessary to maximize short and long-term profits. We accomplish this with our team of highly trained and experienced Sales and Marketing Team.

AMITIS NEW WORLD LTD. wants to partner with other growing medical device distribution companies. We are willing and able to help create and train independent, dedicated sales teams to accomplish this.

We also provide full training and support to Physicians, Specialists and Practitioners around the world, so they can offer the most effective PRP Treatment to their patients and clienteles.

We welcome all companies who match our core values and expertise to consider a long-term partnership with us.

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